One can see his pictures in Russian museums and galleries: 

«The Union – Creation» in Moscow, 
«The New Hermitage – One» in Moscow, 
«World Museum» in Moscow, 

State showroom "On Kashirka", Moscow,
«The Ryazan Museum Of History Of Youth’s Movement» in Ryazan, 
«The Sasovskiy Local Lore Study Museum» in Sasovo, 
«The Museum Of The World History Of Burial» in Novosibirsk, 
«Novosibirsk Crematoriums», 
«The Art Center «Bereginya» in Kustovo in Nizhniy Novgorod region. 
Earlier, pictures were in meetings of galleries: "Murtuz", "ASTI" - in Moscow.

One can also see his pictures in private collections in Russia:
Ryazan, Moscow, Stavropol, Votkinsk.

«Russian Gallery – XXI century» magazine collection, 
«Studio D’Anturaj» – private collection in Moscow,
Private collection, Dagestan, 

Private collections of Europe and USA:

In the Germany (Muenster), 
In the France (Paris), 
In the Italy (Florence, the private collection of Roberto Kavally), 
In the USA - Tulsa, Miami.

And in USA galleries: 

Earlier in the gallery collection «RUAN» in the United States of America, Oklahoma state, Tulsa.