"Creativity Union" gallery, Moscow, Russia. The publication about a personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Reminiscence from the childhood" in "Creativity Union" gallery, time of holding an exhibition 16.03.2003 - 31.03.2003. A heading on the site "Archive of Exhibitions".

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The published text on the site of gallery (2003, the text is translated from Russian into English):

"Alexey Akindinov. "Reminiscence from the childhood".

Alexey Akindinov

I was born: in 1997, Ryazan.

It was trained: I graduated from children's art school No. 1. I graduated from the Ryazan art school.souyz tvorshestvo 2003 2

Something else:

In 2001 I entered in members of the Union of artists of Russia.

The participant of regional, youth, All-Russian and group exhibitions is exposed since 1989:

1999 — "Russia — 9 ″, Moscow, "Maneg".

1999 — "Renaissance", Kostroma.

1999 — "Boldino autumn", Moscow, the Central House of Artists.

2000 — to "Your name", Moscow, the Central House of Artists.

souyz tvorshestvo 2003 3Pictures of the artist are in private collections of Russia and abroad. And also in the Moscow art gallery — "Murtuz", in the Ryazan Museum of history of the youth movement, in the Ryazan art school of Wagner.

In 2001 it was included in the book — "A uniform art rating of Russia".

In 1977 in the remarkable city of Ryazan that on the Oka River, the artist Alexey Akindinov was born. And further as at all beginning painters: study at children's art school, then the Ryazan art school. Since 1989 personal and group exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions … In 2001 it was admitted to the Union of artists of Russia.souyz tvorshestvo 2003 4

Alexey writes: "As was born, I don't remember. As if the TV was turned on, and before there was a black screen and silence. The childhood looked at me kind eyes of parents and grandfathers with grandmothers. And the strange smells and patterns of carpets, children's blankets and a chandelier similar to castles in the air" were a circle.

I started drawing on wall-paper and backs of chairs. When it bothered parents, him sent to art school where the teacher Cheryomin Valery Erikovich called his creativity "the Chinese drawing". In school, and then and school, he felt as the true artist, with the chosen style under the name "ornamentalism". "The pattern for it is a symbol of space, infinity. It embodies idea of a pattern in painting, layering it on the real subjects represented on a cloth — on a certain plot, a landscape or a portrait"(Lyubov Suskina). Each mosaic work of Alexey consists of the signs and symbols making a certain sense for the author and the surprised audience. In its philosophical works classical and vanguard painting that forces the audience to look for for hours the answer to the arising questions merged.

souyz tvorshestvo 2003 5We will wish to this surprisingly kind visionary of implementation of the goals set it and happiness in its remarkable, art world.

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Photo 1: The beginning of article about a personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Reminiscence from the childhood" in Creativity Union gallery. Time of holding exhibition: 16.03.2003 - 31.03.2003.

Photo 2: Article about a personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Reminiscence from the childhood", a brief curriculum vitae. On a photo - A. Akindinov.

Photo 3: Curriculum vitae and article.

Photo 4: End of article about A. Akindinov and illustration of his picture "Innocent person", 2002, canvas, oil, 68x46,2sm.

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