The magazine "Russian World. RU", Fund "Russian World", 2010, Moscow, Russia. The publication about Alexey Akindinov on the site of the magazine and also in the paper version of the edition.


russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 11. Article Zoe Mozalyova "Ornamental approach" (November, 2010).
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Also article was published in the paper version of the magazine: Article "Ornamental Approach". Magazine "Russian World. RU". Moscow, Russia. November, 2010. Pages: 5; 90-93 (color illustrations). The author of article - Zoya Mozalyova.
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In this section settles down not only the text version of the publication, but also pictures of the magazine "the Russian World. RU" from November, 2010.


2. The publication on Alexey Akindinov's nominating on the Gold medal of the New York Academy of Arts "A picture of the Russian artist is nominated for the American gold medal "Saint Michael"
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3. The publication on Alexey Akindinov's rewarding "The Russian artist Alexey Akindinov became the Winner of the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL"
(date of publication 27.12.2010, the original text on the site of the magazine in Russian) here>>>
The archived version (date of archiving - 20.03.2015, the text in Russian) here>>>


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1. Article Zoe Mozalyova "Ornamental approach" (November, 2010). Photo: Anton BERKASOV.
The text of the publication of this article is translated from Russian into English here:


"It is possible to see the world surrounding us at all not as we got used. If to look narrowly, it will be possible to notice thousands of the smallest patterns from which are weaved the sky, the earth, people.

Alexey Akindinov's pictures help to see it. About patterns in painting and in life we talk to the Ryazan artist.

– Alexey, the official biography supplies with the avaricious information: I was born in Ryazan in 1977, with 1992 on the 1998th I studied in the Ryazan art school of G. K. Wagner, I graduated from school majoring in "painting" … All these data don't give an idea of when there was an artist. Since what moment you began to feel as the painter?

– Probably, years from five. At me the grandfather was an artist

– it came to school, but time was post-war, with the hostel a crunch, and he couldn't study. He, probably, decided to embody the unrealized dreams in me. Yes here and I gave a reason – ornamented walls. Whether to rescue wall-paper whether because decided to develop talent. And the grandfather began to pull to me a canvas, to buy paints. By the way, my second grandfather too was an artist. Speak, abilities are transmitted through generation. I, probably, got them from two parties. I had no choice – I had to become an artist, it was impossible to bring grandfathers.russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 3

– And at school your talents were noticed?

– I remember how the art teacher at elementary school told: "Lesh, you have abilities, be admitted to art school. It will be your bread". Directly and I told. I very well remembered it.

– When the first signs of inclination to an ornamentalism were shown?

– At art school I had a teacher Valery E. Cheremin. He constantly repeated that everyone has to have an own style. And once he told on occupation that I have some special handwriting – those pictures, still lifes which we drew in studio, I wrote with long dabs from which some unclear ornament turned out … Perhaps, this ornamentalnost can be considered a hint on an ornamentalism. Though, of course, at me then in thoughts of it wasn't.

– And style appeared in thoughts?

– Of course, no. Understanding came much later. In general, first, as well as all my fellow students on art school, I looked for the handwriting reason. All of us then imitated creativity someone from the great. I, for example, gravitated to Salvador Dalí's creativity. And with determination of style I connected the curious history which happened in 1996. We restored the Skorbyashchensky temple, acetone wiped frescos. And, probably, I inhaled acetone – fainted. At the time of this short loss of consciousness to me vision came: definitely I don't know, Jesus Christ it was or God - the Father. I remember, I asked – as to write you?.russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 4 I don't remember the answer. But soon after that incidents I noticed that when I paint a picture, involuntarily I draw in detail patterns. For example, I draw the veteran – and I transfer part of awards to his hands, to the person … Or I represent the person drinking from a mug, and the pattern from a mug flows on the character, on an interior. Then I didn't think that it can become some style. Everything came gradually. At some point I suddenly realized huge opportunities of ornamental painting.

– Besides that all your pictures are speckled by the most various patterns, many consider you the realist …

– When I realized the style, quite so it defined – a reality combination to an ornament. The ornament translucent through reality. In it I saw sharpness. In spite of the fact that I try to approach the creativity to the truthful image of reality, to realists in classical understanding, naturally, I don't carry myself. Therefore it was very surprised when I was invited to become the member of the union of realists of the USA. Probably, there art already so moved away from traditions, as I am an absolute realist.

– And at us didn't move away yet?

– At least, not so. Of course, now both at us, and in Europe to win popularity, it is simpler to create a certain performance. Nevertheless in Russia the respect for classics remains. And most of artists after all look for themselves in classical style.

– But recently and at us the increasing popularity is won by nonconventional forms of giving. What do you think of any installations?

– If it is honest, it seems to me, installation as the direction in art came from helplessness. It seems to me, installations actually appear from inability to draw. Perhaps, it is an art form, but I don't accept it. If I didn't know what to do, isn't skillful to draw, and would like that I was noticed, maybe, and would make something similar – from a hopelessness... If something is new in art, let it will be virtual, computer, let it will be in the Network, there, where we can come by means of some virtual points, but without creating some strange objects that are not crumbling and wool not throwing excrement.

- Alex, you are often called the founder of ornamentalism ...

- Of course, I did not invent ornamentalism. This trend existed in music and literature long before my arrival. And in painting, by itself, not I the first represented an ornament – it existed infinitely long ago. Simply in easel painting it wasn't applied earlier – probably, were afraid.

– Or, maybe, didn't notice? You see an ornament in usual life?

– As that I don't see an ornament, but I can feel it. And in general, all our life is a texture of patterns. After all even if to look narrowly at darkness, it will become visible that it not dark. It consists of very many structures, of multi-colored patterns. Or if long you lie, looking in the sky, you see in it some floating bubbles. The reality can quite be seen in an ornament, and a pattern this live. I also had a task – to create such pattern. From life. The world is penetrated by electromagnetic waves. Waves – no other than a pattern. I transfer this pattern to a canvas.russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 5

– And feelings can be represented in the form of an ornament?

– Of course. All sense organs have ornamental structure. Not an exception and the sixth sense – the intuition which the is mysterious ми signs informs us that was, is and will be. I have a picture "Perfumer" in which I represented a smell. I too see music in the form of an ornament. For example, the sound of an organ music for me is connected with a strict geometrical ornament of deep not striking color, some brown-greenish shade. Sounds of a flute awaken in imagination the cheerful vegetable pattern painted in white, yellow, bright green color – as wild flowers.

– How apprehended your style of the colleague?

– Ambiguously. Even when I was admitted to the Union of artists, one of members of the commission whispered me supposedly same not painting … Nevertheless and he voted for my accession to the union. And in general, much all happened to be heard. For example, said that it "unsightly knitting and darning of rural doormats". My pictures compared to a spider line which "catches light souls", and me – to "a black spider" in which soul "the thistle blossoms". One art critic told so: "It is some kind of restoration of yet not created masterpiece. The masterpiece isn't created yet, and it already restore". So a lot of interesting it was necessary to listen.

– And when recognition came?

– The first victory – 2008. russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 6The picture "Dance of Death" won the international competition "Death Subject in the Modern Art". This work now is in Novosibirsk the museum of funeral art. There some my pictures removed already. First I was frightened by gloom of a subject, and then I understood the philosophical attitude towards death of the organizer of this museum.

– At your many pictures unusual destinies …

– Quite often speak to me: why you sell pictures? I consider that when I sell or I give pictures, it is rendered a hundredfold. The energy enclosed in their creation comes back in bigger volume. Now on a different doomsday it is widespread my not less than 150 pictures. And at each of them the destiny. Some went to Germany, to France, to America … One of cloths went to Italy, there on a difficult "gift" way got to the famous couturier Roberto Cavalli. Now I finished work on the picture "Juno and Avos" which was ordered as a gift to Mark Zakharov. Who knows where the destiny will direct my works …

– You have many pictures of a big format, and all of them are speckled by the smallest patterns. Such laborious work doesn't tire?

– It doesn't make for me work. At this moment I can talk, listen, discuss the most usual daily things. I, on the contrary, calm down, tracing a patten ligature... From time to time to me argue nearly furiously that I create the pictures with application of a cliche, – reason that it is impossible to make absolutely identical patterns manually. I even for the sake of interest made a cliche, tried to create patterns by means of a template. It was convinced that it is impossible. The canvas under pressing caves in, paint creeps away, a beautiful print it is impossible. So creation of ornamental painting is subject only to a brush.russkiy mir site mozalyova 2010 7

- Alex, say, some can "read" your picture ...

- Many characters have common values. And when I draw, for example, pictures to order, always ask what wishes to lay - wealth, success, prosperity, successful marriage ... All this can be expressed in symbols. I became interested in this already once carried away the ornamental painting. The more interesting to know what unexpected match is found in my paintings when I did not know the value of symbols. Apparently, the necessary signs come by themselves ... Then, of course, took up the study of symbols. Many of the new discovered for myself in the world. For example, few people realize that the "M" in the men's toilets - a symbol of new mothers, and "Ж" (note - in Russian) for the ladies - a sign of vitality. Here such humour. Now I am able to decipher symbols, but I try not to go in cycles in it. Value of symbols is only as seasoning to a main course. For me a picture first of all a work of art. I write with soul, but not mind. You will sometimes draw, and then you understand why everything turned out quite so.

– Many artists are compelled to refuse the calling – extremely difficult to earn by one painting a living...

– With it it is heavy. I as good help am served by monumental painting – paint walls in fashionable cafes, salons. Not for nothing, probably, I began with drawings on wall-paper … One salon of an interior often gives me such orders, for what I, of course, am very grateful. It is possible to earn on it. Here, for example, I could publish the catalog of pictures. If not wall painting, from where to the artist to take such money?

– Not less difficult task for the artist – to achieve recognition.

– Yes, and it is difficult. Alas, very many refuse the calling because don't find any support. It is difficult to be constantly unvalued. It is almost impossible to be the recognized artist in Ryazan. Long time me was known, for example, in America, in Europe, in Moscow, than by houses better.

– Artists, as a rule, always doubt themselves. It doesn't prevent to realize itself?

– Uncertainty – one of our Russian lines. But thus uncertainty at artists is, as a rule, combined with manifestations of megalomania. I am sure if the artist has no high self-conceit, he won't be able to take out that huge freight which bears on itself, differently he will cease to draw. But I always doubt everything, even the style. Until we doubt something, - we are people, but not cars or animals... Here double moment: has to doubt, but keep enthusiasm of the business, the work. And still, it is never impossible to stop, it is always necessary to move forward. And not to be afraid of mad ideas. Without adventurism luster, without any mad ideas it is impossible to move ahead. A "cracker" to be too boring. Always there has to be some tension, electricity.

– In what you see mission of art?

– I sometimes have an impression that very many television programs, publications are directed on destruction of the basic human concepts. Impose us artificial ideals. And it is very important to keep values at all these attacks. All of them are put in 10 precepts. And that bullshit us programs which destroy bases, will turn back that our gene pool will sustain essential losses. Of course, strong personalities will sustain this attack, but I am sorry weak – they can break. It seems to me, the main role of art – to help to resist to this aggressive influence. Art strengthens soul of the person.

Zoya MOZALEVA, Moscow, Russia."


2. The publication on Alexey Akindinov's nominating on the Gold medal of the New York Academy of Arts "A picture of the Russian artist is nominated for the American gold medal "Saint Michael"
(date of publication - 13.12.2010, the original text in Russian) here>>>
The archived version (date of archiving - 20.03.2015, the text in Russian) here>>>
The text on this site here (the original text is translated from Russian into English):

"The picture of the Ryazan artist Alexey Akindinov "Martin Luther King" was nominated for the highest award – the gold medal Saint Michael in the category History in New York, the manager on public relations of the artist Natalya Lyulyushina reports.
Work of the artist to rewarding was nominated by the artist famous around the world, the representative of the New York Academy of arts, the chairman of a judiciary board of the competitive The International Wave of Fine Arts exhibition - Thomas Legaspi."

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3. The publication on Alexey Akindinov's rewarding: "The Russian artist Alexey Akindinov became the Winner of the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL"
(date of publication - 27.12.2010, the original text in Russian) here>>>
The archived version (date of archiving - 20.03.2015, the text in Russian) here>>>
russkiy mir site laureat 1The text of the publication of article is translated from Russian into English:

"The picture of the Russian artist Alexey Akindinov "Martin Luther King" received the highest mark at the International exhibition competition "New Wave in the Fine Arts" in New York, press service of the New York union of artists "Realism of New York" reports.russkiy mir site laureat 2
The Russian won the award, highest and only in this category, – the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL". Among nearly thirty member countries the victory in various nominations was won also by representatives of Argentina, Belarus, the USA, the Czech Republic, Uzbekistan, Japan, France and others.
russkiy mir site laureat 3We will remind that Alexey Akindinov in the last two years became four times the winner of various prestigious international competitions in the fine arts. The known ornamentalist received three medals of these competitions for the same time.
Akindinov learned about it from the letter sent it by e-mail by the New York gallery owner, the chairman of the union of artists of New York Realizm Berik Kulmamirov."


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Photo with 1 – on 7: Heading: Main / Magazines / Articles. Article Zoe Mozalyova "Ornamental approach" (November, 2010). On the site of the "Russian World RU" magazine, Moscow. Article is illustrated by photos, from above - down: Alexey Akindinov at itself in a workshop and his picture "Spoilt child" (the author of a photo - Anton Berkasov), color illustrations of pictures of Alexey Akindinov: "Portrait Aminat", "Alla Pugachyova's Portrait", "Daughter of morning light. Anastasia Kolskaya's portrait", "Vladimir Putin's Portrait". On a photo 7: end of article, address of the editorial office: Russia; 117218; Moscow, Krzhizhanovsky Street, house 13, case 2. Phone: +7(495)981-5680.
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Photo with 12 on 14: Heading "News". The publication on Alexey Akindinov's rewarding: "The Russian artist Alexey Akindinov became the Winner of the Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL."