News from January 27, 2023: Alexey Akindinov joins the Russian Union of Professional Writers (RSPL).

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On November 12, 2022, a meeting of members of the Ryazan branch of the Russian Union of Professional Writers was held at the Ryazan Regional Universal Scientific Library named after Gorky. The event was opened by Larisa Borisovna Lyalina (Deputy Chairman of the RO RSPL).

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The meeting was attended by Ryazan writers, as well as residents from: Spassky; Rybnovsky; Ukholovsky; Skopinsky; Sapozhkovsky and Kasimovsky districts.

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The Ryazan branch of the Russian Union of Professional Writers has replenished with eight new members, among whom is Alexey Akindinov.

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In a solemn atmosphere, Irina Ivanovna Manina, the Chairman of the Russian Union of Professional Writers, who had specially arrived from Moscow and was approved by the Tenth Congress of the RSPL, congratulated and presented membership cards.
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The background of Alexey Akindinov's entry into the Russian Union of Professional Writers: to join the RSPL more than six months ago, suggested to Alexey the Chairman of the Ryazan branch of the RSPL - Lidia S. Terekhina. More than a year ago, she interviewed him for the regional supplement of the All-Russian magazine "LiFFt" and published with him several of his poems and paintings.
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The number has become widespread and popular throughout Russia. So, in the early autumn of 2021 (after the publication of this journal), a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR, Nikolai N. Eremin, approached Alexey from Krasnoyarsk and offered to publish in his almanac "Mirages". Akindinov agreed. Several issues of this magazine with Alexey's poems were published (there were more than fifty of them).
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Creative cooperation with Lidia Serafimovna in Ryazan continued - she, as the Chairman of the regional branch, wrote a recommendation to Alexey Akindinov to join the RSPL, and in early November of this year, Alexey's candidacy was approved at a meeting in Moscow.
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Words of gratitude from Alexey Akindinov: "From the bottom of my heart I thank the Chairman of the Ryazan branch of the Russian Union of Professional Writers - Lidia S. Terekhina for the proposal and recommendation for joining the RSPL! For me, this is a great incentive to further literary creativity.
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I also want to say thanks to the beautiful: the musician; a poet; to the artist - Olya Shapareva for an original gift - an amazing brooch in the form of a palette, which flaunted during the ceremony, on the pocket near my heart. Irina Ivanovna Manina, when she handed me a membership card, said (looking at my left breast pocket): "This is immediately obvious - there is now a painter in the ranks of the RSPL!"
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Recommendation of the Chairman of the Ryazan branch of the Russian Union of Professional Writers Lidia S. Terekhina for Alexey Akindinov (October 14, 2022):
"Appendix to the application for admission to the RO RSPL. Recommendation for membership in the RO RSPL to Alexey P. Akindinov.
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I met Alexey P. Akindinov in the 2000s in absentia, as a wonderful artist, through a booklet with his paintings. His presentation of painting struck me with its unusual writing, drawing a lace ornament over his masterpiece. And the picture was hiding, as if under the reflection of the cast shadow of the tree crown from the hot sun. For many years I dreamed of getting to an exhibition of his paintings, talking with the artist if I was lucky, and such an opportunity fell to me thanks to the Internet.
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As a regional editor of the literary magazine "LIffT" (Ryazan region), I managed to interview Alexey for the magazine. We had an interesting conversation. He talked about his roots. The first impetus for drawing was his grandfather Vasily, being an amateur artist, he was his first mentor.
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Having entered the Ryazan Art School, Alexey became interested in the work of Salvador Dali, read his diaries, which had a great influence on him. In them, Salvador Dali wrote that after surrealism a great, new style would come. He wrote: "I already see how he opens his beautiful edging sheet!" It was on such "creative batches" that the sprouts of my ornamentalism sprung up - Alexey said in his interview to the magazine.
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Now in his biography it appears that Alexey Akindinov: Russian artist; the founder of the style is ornamentalism; creator of the concept of ornamentalism; ornamental painter; schedule; muralist; easel; poet; novelist; philosopher. If a person is talented, then he is talented in everything. The facets of Alexey Petrovich's creativity sparkled in the writing field. He is a poet and interesting to read. He writes in his own way, in an avant-garde style, with a philosophical view of what is happening and the eternal desire of an earthling to look into the abyss of the sky:
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Where is your home, astronomer?
treasure hunter of the sky,
Spider of shoreless bodies,
stardust accountant,
The bells of heaven will untie the tongue,
The cosmic ringer will tell us all
That the flow of time is insignificant for you,
When you see the planets whirling in the dome of heaven.
In the night veranda, the wanderer is snowfall.
He catches the falling stars in a knapsack of meanings."
In addition to poetry, Alexey writes prose. His stories, with a certain touch on our reality of the Russian "Avos", bureaucracy and life's vicissitudes, will not leave the reader without attention and will lead to a rethinking of the existence of a lifestyle in society.
Based on the above, I believe that Alexey is worthy to be a member of the Russian Union of Professional Writers and I give him my recommendation with pleasure.
Member of the RSPL since 2003, chairman of the RSPL RO, member of the RSPL CC
Lydia Terekhina, 10/14/2022."
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