News from 02/27/2023 - opening of the personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Ornamental Reality". Art Gallery "Prio-Vneshtorgbank".

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TV company "Gorod" - about the personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Ornamental Reality".

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Video clip of TV company "Gorod", news program "Day of the City". Aired on February 21, 2023. Video content: "Ornamental Reality" - the opening of a personal exhibition of the founder of ornamentalism Alexey Akindinov.

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The interview is conducted by Elena Seryogina. Alexey Akindinov - a story about creativity. Paintings in celebrity collections - Roberto Cavalli and museums around the world, including in the Chinese gallery of Russian art Ming-Li in Beijing.

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The painting "Chernobyl. The Last Day of Pripyat" in the English textbook of literature "Anti-utopia". The exhibition is held at the Art Gallery of Prio-Vneshtorgbank in Ryazan from February 20 to April 7, 2023. The exposition presents 22 paintings by the author. The host of the news block is Marina Romanyuk, the TV news program "Day of the City".
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Source (original - text and video) - Official page of the Gorod TV company on the "VKontakte" website: and Official channel of TV company "Gorod" on "YouTube" (news block from 21.02.2023):
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Large video - opening of the personal exhibition of Alexey Akindinov "Ornamental Reality".
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Video content: On February 20, 2023, a personal exhibition of the founder of the "ornamentalism" style Alexey Akindinov "Ornamental Reality" opened at the Art Gallery of Prio-Vneshtorgbank.
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Speakers: member of the Union of Artists of Russia - Andrey Mironov; member of the Union of Artists of Russia - Vitaly Petrushov; Chairman of the Ryazan branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia - Vladimir Krivov; member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia - Veronika Fedotova; poetess - Yulia Odintsova.
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During the speech, Alexey Akindinov spoke about his work and the style of ornamentalism, gave a tour of the paintings, read his poems, presented the guests with catalogs with his paintings and autographs with good wishes.
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The exhibition takes place at the address: RUSSIA, Ryazan, st. Yesenina, 82/26. The gallery is located on the second floor. Free admission. You can visit the exhibition until April 7th.
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About the exhibition - on the website of the Ryazan branch of the Union of Artists of Russia:, archival copy:
Article "Ornamental Reality".
The author is Elena Seryogina.
Source: Official website of Prio-Vneshtorgbank:
"February 20 at 16.00 in the Art Gallery of Prio-Vneshtorbank opened an exhibition of Alexey Akindinov - an artist who invented his own direction in art - "ornamentalism".
The exposition shows the synthesis of realism and ornamentalism, at the junction of which the special world of Alexey Akindinov is born: the canvases presented can be considered as plots from our ordinary life, and they will be interesting in their own way, or you can find all kinds of symbols in them and “read” hidden meanings.
I was very lucky that my teacher Viktor V. Korsakov allowed me to experiment at the art school,” said Alexey Akindinov. — Then I became interested in symbols, read a lot about them, used them in my works. For example, in the painting "First", dedicated to Yuri Gagarin, there is a symbol of the winner, superiority. But sometimes symbols come from the subconscious, and I understand their meaning when they are already written. So it was with this picture. Wrote the planet "in the rings." The first association is Saturn, but it has nothing to do with Gagarin's flight into space. Then he realized: this is a symbol of his orbital flight.
The artist does not have any single algorithm for painting pictures. Often, the plot of the picture is born first, and then an ornament is applied to it, but it happens the other way around.
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- Before I had the image of a sleeping wife (painting "Bliss"), I came up with an ornament. It was already ready when I began to paint Elena, so then I had to peel off the paint in order to "open" the original ornamental waves. The original painting is very heavy: it took a lot of oil paint,” the artist recalls.
The original of this painting has long been sold, like most other works by Alexey Akindinov, so some of the exhibited works are prints. The rest are original canvases with their own interesting history. The artist painted the "Girl with a jug" while still a student, but the ornament appeared on it only last year. The painting "The Glory of the Lord" has withstood more than one author's repetition. The very first work was in the collection of the famous Italian fashion designer Roberto Covalli. Large-scale painting “Chernobyl. The Last Day of Pripyat" was used as an illustration for the textbook "Anthology of English Literature: Dystopia", published three years ago in London, but the original painting is kept by the artist, so visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see it.
- I tried to display two worlds here - before the disaster (mother with a baby in her arms) and after. In the foreground is a liquidator with a naked torso - this emphasizes both his vulnerability and versatility - it can be both a Pripyat firefighter and a Tula rescuer (they helped eliminate the consequences of the accident), the author shared the details. - But a Ryazan man posed for me - artist Andrei Mironov. Here I used one of my favorite ornaments - snowflakes, they echo the warning signs of radioactive danger.
Surely, Ryazan residents have seen other paintings by Alexey Akindinov before: “Mom”, “Luna Park”, “Crucible Adit”, “No”, “Hockey Fan”, “Peace”, “Children”, but they are so ambiguous and rich in details, that each time you can discover in them previously unnoticed. However, there will also be completely new works. So, for the Chinese Museum, Alexey Akindinov painted the painting “Secrets of the Heart”. Due to the pandemic, cultural contacts were interrupted and the transfer did not take place on time. Apparently, this is our lucky chance to see the new work of Alexey Akindinov among the first ...
At the opening of the exhibition, the guests talked with the author and together with him made a journey into his ornamental reality."
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Newspaper "Ryazanskiye Vedomosti". Article "Ryazan ornamentalist showed the world of patterns".
The author of the photo and text is Tatyana Karmashova.
"The works of Alexey Akindinov are known far beyond the borders of Russia.
Artist Alexey Akindinov opened a personal exhibition in the space of Prio-Vneshtorgbank. Since 1996, the painter has been developing a unique style - ornamentalism, in which all images are made up of fine patterns. The original decorative technique gives the master fame throughout Russia and abroad: Alexey Akindinov's works are involved in major projects, become illustrations for the works of writers and poets.
His friends and colleagues gathered to congratulate the artist. “Alexey has a unique style, but this is not an end in itself, but only a means of creative self-expression,” said Andrey Mironov, a member of the Ryazan Union of Artists. In addition, Vladimir Krivov, chairman of the regional branch of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, and other cultural figures spoke at the opening.
The exhibition includes works by Alexey Akindinov of different years and themes. Many are presented as reproductions, as the originals have already taken their place in museums and private collections around the world. Through patterns, the artist conveys the worlds of childhood and maturity, spiritual searches, personal vision of social problems and important events. “I called the exhibition “Ornamental Reality,” shared Alexey P. Akindinov – Ordinary here turns into a fairy tale, into a myth. We run through life and often do not notice that the world is full of patterns.
It will be possible to see and understand all these interlacings until April 7th. 02/20/2023."
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Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".
Article "The "Ornamental Reality" by the Ryazan artist Alexey Akindinov opened in Ryazan".
"In the lobby of Prio-Vneshtorgbank, on the second floor, the exhibition "Ornamental Reality" opened. Source:
The exhibition "Ornamental Reality" has opened in Ryazan. Photo: Olga Gerzhova.
In the lobby of Prio-Vneshtorgbank, on the second floor, an exhibition by Alexey Akindinov entitled "Ornamental Reality" is presented to the attention of Ryazan residents. The works of Alexey Akindinov are recommended to be considered for a long time and very carefully, studying all the details.
At first glance, the canvas depicts separate parts (puzzles) that are interconnected. If you look closely at the picture, penetrate deep into it, you can notice small details that, at first glance, have nothing to do with the topic. The author, as it were, weaves symbolic details, various ornaments into the plot of the picture, hinting at a deeper meaning.
The artist actively uses symbols in his works. For example, in the painting "First", which is dedicated to the first Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the symbol of the winner and superiority is laid.
“Sometimes symbols come to me from the subconscious, and I understand their meaning later, when the picture has already been painted,” Alexey Akindinov told about his intuitions.
In addition, the exhibition presents a large-scale painting “Chernobyl. The last day of Pripyat”, depicting two worlds - before the disaster and after it. The liquidator of the accident came to the fore. Ryazan artist Andrei Mironov posed for the creator.
The exhibition is open to Ryazan residents until April 7th. Free admission. February 21, 2023."
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Alexey Akindinov and First Deputy Chairman of the Board, Member of the Board of Prio-Vneshtorgbank PJSC Mikhail V. Volkov. Alexey donates his painting "First. Portrait of Yuri Gagarin" to "Prio-Vneshtorgbank"; 04/07/2023. Russia, Ryazan.
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