"AIF - Ryazan 'regional application”, №05 (897) 02/04/2016, RUSSIA. The article "What would Solzhenitsyn?" The historic building of the Museum of the history of the youth movement (MIMD) will be transferred to the Centre A. Solzhenitsyn. Opinion Alexey Akindinov.

Author - Galina GORBUNOVA.


aif ryazan soljenizin fevral 2016Word Solzhenitsyn. Why in Ryazan there is one museum to another place?

Article from the newspaper: The weekly "Arguments and Facts" number 5, 02/04/2016 (the original article in Russian)>>>

The historic building of the Museum of the history of the youth movement will give the Centre the name of the writer.


            The historic building of the Museum of the history of the youth movement (MIMD) will be transferred to the Centre A. Solzhenitsyn.

Why these moves ...

And how would reacted to this fact himself Solzhenitsyn?” - Such a question is raised by employees of "victim" of the museum.

"Just imagine: Center Solzhenitsyn move in Ryazan Smolny, in the House of Liberty, where Soviet power was established, with which the writer fought all his life! - Says head of department of the tour MIMD Elena Grafshina. — Now move. The information that we are evicted, officials simply sounded. We are not asked to professional museum community was not consulted. Meanwhile, the House of Saltykov-Shchedrin Nikolodvoryanskoy on the street - totally unsuitable for the museum. The full picture of the situation we have: learn everything from the Internet.

However, it surprised not only by the staff of the museum, but also many members of the city community.

"Well, why should, say these moves? - Ryazan perplexed famous choreographer Galina Vinogradova. - I love this museum, which was created before my eyes, this is the place, these walls, the whole atmosphere. And what wonderful interesting meetings here happened. And suddenly resettlement. Under no circumstances should the spirit disappears, everything is destroyed. "

"The news fell like a bolt from the blue - recognized Ryazan artist-ornamentalist Alexey Akindinov. - It was the only place in Ryazan, where loyal and hospitable attitude to young artists, often those who are not exposed elsewhere. Will so in a new place? I hope so. "

Loudly said

Most likely, the new place everything will be different. Museum staff said that the very concept of it will change. Now we are talking about the literary direction, of military history ...

Meanwhile, the 100th anniversary of the birth of AI at a meeting of the organizing committee on preparation and holding the celebrations in the region Solzhenitsyn's vice-governor of the Ryazan region Sergey Filimonov has officially announced that the museum will remain and themes, and of staff.

"Moreover, the space in the new location will be enough to store funds, comfortable accommodation of existing exposures, and even the discovery of new, - said Sergey Filimonov. - The museum will receive a new impetus to the development.

But the staff MIMD disagree. They say, enough space - it says loudly.

"Has anyone looked into these tight rooms, perfect for our activities are not suitable? - Asks Elena Grafshina. - A transfer of exposures? Who and how to do it? On the creation of the concept and the refurbishment of the halls require such an amount of money that our budget will not sustain. Yes, there is nothing for these purposes and is not mortgaged.

How it will end? RZN.AIF.RU will monitor developments. It seems that this story is we still have a lot of "interesting" news will bring.

At the end of this article still make a small note of optimism: to be honest, moving to the House of Saltykov-Shchedrin - not a bad option. Yes, the room is really small in it, but in terms of location of the building, in the center, a stone's throw from the street Postal - this MIMD clearly win.

By the way

Museum of the History of the youth movement in the 1988. It contains more than 20 000 exhibits dedicated to different periods and directions of activity of the Ryazan Youth. The museum conducts serious work on patriotic, aesthetic, historical education of the younger generation.

The new museum as a whole will continue this trend. According to Sergei Filimonov, vice-governor of the Ryazan region, "Center for AI Solzhenitsyn will be a good discussion forum, a place of active literary and patriotic work with young people, the organization of exhibitions."


Galina GORBUNOVA, 2016.