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Alexey Akindinov on the site of the Evening Moscow newspaper (Russia). The publication about a collective foreign exhibition of the Russian painting in Berlin and about Alexey Akindinov's creativity. 17.08.2010. Heading "Culture". Time of holding exhibition: from September 15 to October 5, 2010. A venue "The Russian House of science and culture in Berlin" (Germany). The organizer of an exhibition – “The Russian Gallery XXI Century” magazine, Moscow, Russia.

vecherniya moskva 17 08 2010 1Original article on the website of the newspaper "Evening Moscow" (the date of publication August 17, 2010, the text in Russian) here>>>

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Published text from the newspaper (17.08.2010, the material translated from Russian to English):

"In Berlin, the exhibition of Russian painting.

15:03; August 17, 2010.

«Russian Gallery XXI Century" will open Sept. 15

Painting Exhibition "Russian Gallery XXI Century" will be held from 15 September to 5 October in Berlin.

vecherniya moskva 17 08 2010 3Take an honorable part in it, invited the founder ornamentalism artist Alexey Akindinov. Venue - "Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin." Organizers of the exhibition - the magazine "Russian gallery XXI century" and Publishing House "Panorama" (Moscow).

The exhibition will feature the work of ten artists selected from about thousands of authors whose works are in the collections of the collection of galleries "Russian Gallery XXI Century". Among participants who have passed a rigorous selection, such well-known and eminent painters as People's Artist of Russia, professor of Moscow State Institute of Surikov, secretary of the Union of Artists of Russia Nikolai Borovsky,national artist of Russia, board member of the Union of artists of Russia of the Moscow region Vitaly Mironov, Honored artist of Russia Raphael Lukyanov. Alexey Akindinov's painting will be presented by the pictures: "Dream Boy of the yards", "Raspberry", "Station "Childhood", "Reveller”,  “Amusement park”, "Portrait of Korsakov."vecherniya moskva 17 08 2010 4

By request of one of private collectors of Russia, Alexey Akindinov painted a picture based on the musical "Juno and Avos". The customer got a picture and soon will donate it to the artistic director of Lenkom theater, the people's artist of Russia Mark Zakharov. Now, the known ornamentalist got to work on the second order for Mark A. Zakharov  - a picture on Sergey Yesenin. Having executed a series of "sensational" portraits of famous figures of policy, science and culture, Alexey Akindinov secures regularly orders for execution of pictures of a similar genre. So, for example, to it I ordered a portrait of the daughter ("The Portrait Aminat"), one of the leading political leaders of Dagestan. Alexey executed a portrait, having put in it symbols of the world, good and creation – what inhabitants of the southern regions most of all need now."

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Pictures from original pages of the site of the Evening Moscow newspaper with information on Alexey Akindinov:

Photo 1: The beginning of article about a collective international exhibition of the Russian artists in Berlin and about A. Akindinov's creativity. 17.08.2010. A heading on the site - "Culture". Time of holding exhibition: from September 15 to October 5, 2010. A venue "The Russian House of science and culture in Berlin". The organizer of an exhibition – “The Russian Gallery XXI Century” magazine, Moscow, Russia.

Photo 2: Title of the article "In Berlin the Exhibition of the Russian Painting Will Take Place", illustration of a picture of Alexey Akindinov of "Komidoniya".

Photo 3: Continuation of article, - a subtitle "The Russian Gallery XXI century" will open on September 15" and the text with information on an exhibition and Alexey Akindinov as about the founder of an ornamentalizm.

Photo 4: End of article with information on Alexey Akindinov's creativity, in particular: about portraits of its brush for famous cultural figures and policy.

Photo 5: The lower part of the page of the site with the description of editorial board "The editor-in-chief - Alexander Kupriyanov, the CEO - Alexander Chekshin, the Managing director of the site - Zhanna Dzugova, the Technical director of the site - Vladimir V. Sungorkin. © 2015 OAO Evening Moscow Newspaper editorial office.”